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What is OLAPLEX?

Unlock the secrets of silky, strong hair.

OLAPLEX is an amazing treatment for all hair types but even more amazing for colouring hair. It allows colourists to change colours like never before, even from black to blonde. It is insurance for your hair!

What does it do?

OLAPLEX helps permanently rebuild damaged bonds within the hair. These bonds are what give your hair elasticity and strength to the hair (bonds can break within chemical treatments e.g. colouring and perming). OLAPLEX can be used for colouring, perming, virgin hair, foiling, relaxers and extensions. If hair is very compromised, prior to any chemical treatment or colouring, OLAPLEX stand alone treatments should be used as many times as it takes to get your hair back to a great condition.

There are 3 simple steps to Olaplex

Step 1 - Bond Multiplier (used either during your colour or as a stand alone treatment)

Step 2 - Bond Perfector (used after rinsing the colour off or as a stand alone treatment applied to the number 1 and left for 20 mins before shampoo and conditioning.

Step 3 - A home treatment you can do at home in between times (number 3 contains number 1 and 2, which keeps your hair working it’s magic in between salon visits).


OLAPLEX is truly an amazing product. If you haven’t tried it you really must. Once you do, you can’t go on without it. Your hair feels so much stronger!

Em. J


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