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The Cold Cap - Scalp Cooling System

Saving your hair throughout Cancer Treatments.

I never feel like the right information is given out and if there is information given out it's never the full information or you still have questions that you want answers to. I hope this article answers questions you might have about cold caps.

What is a cold cap?

Scalp cooling is also known as the cold cap. It is a hat worn during some chemotherapy treatments. Its cooling effects reduces the blood flow to the scalp which also reduces the amount of chemo medication that reaches the area. This helps to prevent hair loss.

Richard Paxman is the founder of Paxman Coolers Ltd, the industry leader. Paxman's interest in scalp cooling stemmed from his wife's experience with chemotherapy and subsequent hair loss. Motivated to find a solution to this distressing side effect, he developed the first scalp cooling system in the 1990's.

What does the cap look like?

The cap comes in 2 sections, an inner and outer cover. The cap is worn before, during and after chemo infusion. The cap is attached to a system that circulates coolant liquid around the inner cap reducing the temperature of the patients scalp.

How it works - Reduces scalp temperature, helps to protect the hair follicles, limiting the damage caused by Chemotherapy.

How successful is this? - 89% rate of success in breast cancer patients. Eyebrow and eyelashes can still fall out.

Side effects - Minor and may include chills, headaches, scalp irritation, neck and shoulders discomfort. The first 15-30 mins the cap can feel uncomfortable and heavy.

Recommendations on washing your hair while using the cooling cap - Before using the cold cap your hair needs to be clean and tangle free. Wash hair a maximum of twice a week with lukewarm water. Low pressure and use a wide tooth comb, try not to pull at the roots.


I hope you have found this blog interesting and useful.

Em. J


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