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Emma Jinks is a mum and also the proud owner of Em J’s Hair Studio; a long standing local business in a competitive market place, where she offers a particular edge, personality and quality that shines, as a successful Hair Stylist and Business owner. Emma’s knowledge and skills in hairdressing are experienced and she naturally loves doing hair: being creative, bringing colour, restoration and transformation to life. She is a joy to meet and Em.Js high standards of customer care are complemented by her fun, vibrant and caring nature. She is proud of her hard working team who bring individuality, and a wide experience and here they are  
After 40 years of hairdressing you could say it’s in my blood and I’ve watched trends come and go and I too love trying bright colors on my own hair – well after all I am a Hair Stylist! I love the cutting and styling something that wasn’t there -everything from re-style to a little trim but if you want the perm specialist and barbering I’m the woman for the job.
I’m the youngest of the team and I love working with Emma and the girls. I know I’m being cared for by the team, which is reassuring, because it builds my skills and confidence. I think as the youngest I bring something fresh to the salon and I just love being a hair stylist and getting my hands on creative projects with style and colour. Emma has seen my potential and has given me the responsibility as Em J’s wedding hair specialist where I love creating Bridal hair that’s unique to every bride. It’s a real joy to make the Bride and her party special. I work in a great atmosphere, which I also think makes the clients feel at home too.  
The girls would say I’m the quiet one in the team, because as I go about my work I have a soft and tender way about me. I love working with people and helping there needs but creating the whole look from colouring and cutting which are my passion. Working with a fun bunch of girls makes this job great.
I’m a mum with 2 children but still outgoing and love to keep up with fashion and keeping up-to-date with the latest techniques. I have a keen eye for colouring and particularly changing someone’s appearance to make their day amazing.  
Emma is my sister in law and having grown up together we are also close like sisters. When Emma asked me to come and work for her I was thrilled because having been in the caring profession I love to care and make people feel welcome so meeting and greeting people is something very rewarding to me. I think a smile goes a long way and is often a lasting memory. I’m the person that likes to take care of others and keep everyone in check and all the girls on the straight and narrow and keeping the salon running smooth and clean. I help with retail and ordering and one of my exciting jobs is creating new window displays with fresh seasonal ideas. I try to make everything run smoothly for all of the Em J’s team.