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Tips for static hair

The dreaded hair problem.

Is your hair feeling static this Winter? Keep reading for tips and tricks to help you avoid this dreaded hair problem.

How does static come to be in your hair?

Static electricity appears in your hair by two unlikely objects rub against each other. This cause electrons to pass to each other. The object that loses the electrons gets a positive charge and the object that gains the electrons gets a negative charge. For example, when your hat and hair rub together they swap electrons. This swap causes electric charge to build up in your hair. So on a dry winter morning when there’s no moisture in your hair, the charge causes the strands of your hair to repel against each other like a magnet.

How can we help our hair?

Hair oil - (we use OLAPLEX). Oil helps give your hair some TLC. The cold weather and the hot houses or shop we keep going in and out of don’t do any favours to our hair and can make our hair dehydrated.

Hairdryer - Using a hairdryer that cuts down drying time is amazing news for your hair as you're not holding the heat on your hair for too long. They also deliver a smoothing look to your hair and help fight your frizz. You should always use the cold shot on the last part of your blow-dry to finish your style. Never have your hairdryer too hot as it can cause more damage to your hair.

Products - Change your shampoo and conditioner for the winter months to something more moisturiser. Ask your stylist for guidance.

Check your brush - We use Kent Brushes and Tangle Teezers. Your bristles on your brush should all be straight and not bent over, if they are they will be causing damage to your hair. On wet hair we always brush through with a Tangle Teezer on any hair types, as it smooths the cuticle down ready for your blow-dry.

Hats - Yes when cold we all need a hat on, but changing your hat for a better material could make a massive difference. Try and choose a hat with a silk or satin lining.


We hope these tips help and hopefully Spring is on its way!

Em. J


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