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skin testing!!!!!!

I get asked this question all the time why do I need a skin test I have had one at my last salon I went too, oh I'm never allergic to anything!

listen to us we know why you should have one its for your own good and to protect us. Since COVID has been around there has been several cases of people who weren't allergic to colour who now are? Is long COVID to blame? research has shown that in around 15 percent of people battling with a serious infection, the immune system remains over stimulated after the virus is no longer a threat. So question do we skin test that client again 6months after to see if the (long covid) is still present?

I just attended a live talk on social media about skin testing on what us hairdressers should be doing when we go back for skin testing as its all got very confusing.

  1. ring your insurance and see what they advise

  2. ring your colour brand and see what they advise

us at Em.Js will now have to skintest if your a customer

2. if you haven't been for 6months

3. if you have had COVID (but how do we know if you have if your non symptomatic)?

4. if you have had the 1st vaccine

5. if you have had 2nd vaccine

If you want to know the importance of a skin test and what can happen if you have allergic reaction I would say search it on the web and go to images that will show the importance of skintest.

If your having a reaction you will experience a burning and uncomfortable feeling, feels very hot on that area and may start to blister. if you experience this wipe the test colour off with cotton wall and water and contact your hairdresser to discuss your options

we as hairdressers only want the best for you and your experience within the salon.

Em xxx

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